Real Bread for Buntingford and surrounding villages

Pop-up bakeries are cool, right?

Pop-up bakeries are cool, right?

I’m sorry to say that Malting Cottages Bakery won’t be baking regularly any more. But look out for a pop-up version at local fairs and markets in the summer.

After two years (on and off) of selling bread from my home-based micro bakery, I came to the point at which I needed to make a decision. In order to make my bakery into a viable permanent, full-time business, investment would be required for premises, proper bakery ovens, more bannetons etc. Now, I love making real bread, sourdough in particular, and love even more being able to bring that flavour experience to people who may not have tasted it before or who may not be able to find real bread anywhere else locally. But I don’t have funds to invest and do have bills and a mortgage to pay – like most people. As a result I took the (difficult) decision to go back in to employment.  I’m starting a new job in January – not baking, but the next best thing: gardening and writing about it.

I’ve so enjoyed all the experiences I’ve had making, baking and selling and am really grateful to everyone who’s helped me along the way and all the customers who have enjoyed eating what I’ve made and given me so much positive feedback.

Please stay tuned to my instagram for news of any markets.


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