Real Bread for Buntingford and surrounding villages

Stollen and biscotti

Stollen and biscotti

I now have mini stollen ready to buy. These festive German breads are packed with rum-soaked raisins and cherries, plus flaked almonds, and have a thick strip of marzipan running through the middle.

The ones that I have already made with last for another 2 weeks if kept in an airtight container (and if you don’t eat it all before then), and I will be taking orders for pre-Christmas collection too.

Mini stollen are £3 each; large stollen £7 each

Biscotti make lovely gifts for Christmas. I’m doing cranberry & pistachio, and ginger & poppy seed flavours; I have some in stock ready now, or you can order for Christmas.
£2.50 for 6










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